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Three Unique Uses For U-Bolts That You Might Enjoy

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U-bolts are so named for their U-shape. They have entirely different purposes in the worlds of processing and manufacturing, but you can use u-bolts for more unique and fun projects. The following examples highlight some unique and fun uses for this fairly common piece of hardware. A Holster and Belt Loop for Your Hammer With a rectangular piece of leather from a leathercraft shop and a u-bolt, you can create a belt loop accessory that firmly holds and keeps your hammer at your side. Take the leather and trace the circular ends of the u-bolt onto the leather. The leather should be facing vertically the long way when you do this. Use a large leather punch to put the holes in. This is where you will bolt the u-bolt through the leather. There will be some metal ends sticking out quite far once the u-bolt has been attached with a couple of hex nuts. Use a hack saw with a metal-cutting blade to cut off the excess ends of the u-bolt. Use a file or metal rasp to smooth these cut ends of the u-bolt so they do not scrape you. Finally, cut two slits through the leather on opposite sides of the u-bolt openings and thread your belt through these loops. Now you can hang your hammer at your side and always be ready for other projects. Closet Organizers Bolt several u-bolts to a board. Then attach the board to a wall in your closet. The u-bolts may be affixed either vertically or horizontally. Now you can use the bolts to hold ties, belts or hang complete outfits from, one outfit per loop so that you have an entire week’s wardrobe pre-selected. Now you are ready to jump up and get dressed every morning without scrambling to find something to wear or fish around a drawer for a tie or belt. Chin-Up Bar Have you always wanted a chin-up bar in the doorway of your room? Now you can, for the price of two u-bolts and a steel bar. Attach the u-bolts to the posts of a door frame so that they form the perfect spaces to place and hold the bar. Then slide the bar through the bolts horizontally. Make sure the steel bar has a few extra inches on both ends so that if it starts to slip while you are doing chin-ups or pull-ups, it will not slide out of the u-bolts completely. If you want to put your exercise bar out of sight, simply pull it back out of the u-bolts and tuck the pole away somewhere. For more information, contact Buckster’s Xylan Coatings Ltd u-bolts or a similar...

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Heating Options For Residential Units

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     There are many bills that a renter or homeowner must pay, but one of the most expensive can be utilities. Utilities provide a way for people to heat and cool their homes, as well as heat up hot water, dry clothes and cook food. Some of these utilities are run by electricity, while others use some form of gas or alternative for fuel. In most urban areas, heat is provided in the form of natural gas. In many rural areas, there may be a choice of propane or natural gas, or the consumer may only have the option of one. There is also other heating alternatives, such as geothermal units or wood burning stoves. Natural Gas for Utilities      According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, domestic natural gas prices can be varied based on a variety of factors, but mainly by supply and demand. Natural gas is a limited resource that is used in millions of households across the United States. Consumers can reduce their use of natural gas in order to reduce their utility bill by switching major appliances to electric, such as dryers, ovens or water heaters. They can also turn down their heat during the winter or use electric heaters. In it’s natural form, natural gas has no odor or taste. When there is a gas leak, consumers often smell a foul odor because mercaptan is added to it by the distributors. Propane Options      Many people that live in the country will find that the only option available to fuel the home is through propane. This type of gas is often used to fuel smaller personal items, such as propane grills. The propane tanks can be purchased at a local gas station or mini-mart. Propane tanks that fuel the home are much larger and hold hundreds of gallons of propane at a time. The tank is then connected to the home to give a direct line in for fuel. Propane prices fluctuate based on many different factors as well, including the price of natural gas itself. Alternative Options for Home Heating      People that have more room in their yard may be a good candidate for a geothermal unit. This type of unit uses a complex system to move and heat water through underground pipes in order to heat the home. It harnesses energy by creating electricity, which may create an increase in electric bills, but a huge decrease in fuel bills. The initial investment on a geothermal unit is quite high, but the overall savings is tremendous for long-term homeowners. Some people prefer to install other heating sources, such as a wood burning unit. While these units are highly effective and save the homeowner money, it requires a lot of physical work to keep the wood stocked on a regular basis. To learn more, contact a company like Apollo Propane...

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Improve Your Operation And Guarantee Effective Products – Options In Injection Molding

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For many manufacturers of consumer goods, consolidating operations is an important goal. Being in full control of your production process can cut your costs and allow you to avoid the problems that come with a lengthened supply chain. Unfortunately, some specialized aspects of manufacturing, such as plastic work, can seem intimidating without the proper background knowledge. Injection molding is one of the most common methods of creating large quantities of consistent products, and yet many business owners don’t have a full grasp of the options available to them when they choose to go that route. Below, you’ll find a guide to some of those options, allowing you to develop an industrial setup that gives you that all important answer. Extrusion Molding The manufacturing of long and hollow plastic pieces can be a difficult process, as securing the proper strength while still allowing for flexibility and minimizing weight is a delicate balance. The extrusion process seeks to achieve those goals by slightly altering the equipment used. While most injection molding involves an actual mold, most extruders instead make use of a die. This turns the piece you’re manufacturing into, functionally, it’s own mold, allowing it to be removed for cooling and packaging before additional plastic is injected into its center. Compression Molding As with creating small and hollow pieces, creating large solid pieces also comes with some difficulty. Auto parts, home furniture, and other sizable pieces of plastic function best with a lack of seams and a continuous surface, so the key becomes figuring out how to inject enough material into a mold to achieve that solidness.  In the compression process, the mold itself is heated to very high temperatures so, when it closes, large sheets of plastic are instantly shaped to the relevant specifications. This process not only allows for seamless products, but also mass production that can be difficult to achieve on such a large scale. Blow Molding Plastic bottles are everywhere in today’s society, whether they’re reusable, recycled, or a plain old soda bottle. Many companies who manufacture non-plastics have a need for packaging that may lie outside their expertise, so a specialized process is necessary to streamline those orders. Blow molding is a similar process to glass blowing, where a person or machine pushes hot air through super heated plastic which then forms around a mold. This too can be done in large quantities, and can also be specifically modified to meet your precise packaging needs. To learn more about injection molding, contact a company like Qualicase...

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