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Learn About Cellular Glass Pipe Insulation

30 August 2023
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Cellular glass pipes are a specialized type of insulation that's used to encase pipes in a variety of industries. The structure of the pipes can significantly reduce the conduction of heat, which makes them suitable for both hot and cold applications. A few examples of uses for these pipes include industrial plumbing systems, refrigeration systems, HVAC systems, and power plants. This article will go over the characteristics of the pipes, so you gain a better understanding of their capabilities.
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The Benefits Of Adding Decorative Stones To Your Commercial Property

31 May 2023
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Are you looking to do some landscaping around your commercial property? Do you not like the way your building currently looks from the curb or the parking lot? One way you may be able to spruce things up at your business while also tapping into a number of other key benefits would be to work with a decorative stone distribution firm to add some decorative stones or rocks to your land.
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