Polycarbonate Sheets Offer Benefits You Won't Get From Plastic Or Glass

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Polycarbonate Sheets Offer Benefits You Won't Get From Plastic Or Glass

Polycarbonate Sheets Offer Benefits You Won't Get From Plastic Or Glass

3 October 2022
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If you need a material that is clear like glass but strong and durable like plastic, a polycarbonate sheet or two might be in your future. Polycarbonate is in fact better in some ways than both glass and plastic, making it a popular choice for a wide variety of applications. Here's why you might want to reach out to a provider of polycarbonate materials to discuss your needs.

Polycarbonate Can Be Crafted or Molded Into Different Shapes While Still Maintaining Its Original Strength and Durability

Plastic is a fairly durable material, and even glass can withstand some force if crafted well. But once you start trying to mold plastic or glass into different shapes, some of this durability falls by the wayside. With polycarbonate sheets, you can mold or change the appearance or shape of the material without losing anything in way of durability, This makes polycarbonate an ideal choice for custom designs and builds.

Polycarbonate Provides a Clear View Like Glass But is Much More Resistant to Impact or Force

Polycarbonate is ideal for a build where you need to be able to see clearly the other side of the material, but you also need as much durability and strength as possible. Polycarbonate sheets are often turned into impact windows or auto glass for this reason. Polycarbonate may also be used for greenhouses instead of actual glass. Your polycarbonate sheets will be more likely to withstand high winds or even direct contact with a physical object (like a rock flying towards a window) in a way that traditional glass simply won't be able to do.

Polycarbonate May Hold Up Better to Heat Than Plastic or Glass

Do you need to build a structure with flame resistance in mind? Polycarbonate is naturally flame and heat-resistant, and it's possible to build a polycarbonate sheet with additional flame-retardant properties if that is a top priority for you or your business. If you are building some kind of structure that you intend to buy insurance for, the fire-resistant properties of polycarbonate could even help reduce your insurance premiums because the insurance company will know that the materials are more likely to survive a fire.

If you need a clear material to create a window or some other type of device or structure that you can see through but you are concerned that glass is just too fragile for you, contact a provider of polycarbonate sheets to discuss your options.

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