Learn About Cellular Glass Pipe Insulation

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Learn About Cellular Glass Pipe Insulation

Learn About Cellular Glass Pipe Insulation

30 August 2023
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Cellular glass pipes are a specialized type of insulation that's used to encase pipes in a variety of industries. The structure of the pipes can significantly reduce the conduction of heat, which makes them suitable for both hot and cold applications. A few examples of uses for these pipes include industrial plumbing systems, refrigeration systems, HVAC systems, and power plants. This article will go over the characteristics of the pipes, so you gain a better understanding of their capabilities. 

They Have a Unique Structure

Crushed glass is combined with a foaming agent to create the unique pipes. The mixture goes through a special heating process to create a non-combustible material that has low thermal conductivity.

They Are Great Thermal Insulators

They are highly effective at preventing heat transfer. Their ability to trap air within the glass bubbles significantly reduces heat conduction. This makes it a suitable choice for both hot and cold applications. Cellular glass pipe insulation is typically available in pre-formed sections or molded segments that fit snugly around pipes. It is relatively easy to install and requires appropriate adhesives or mechanical fasteners to secure it in place.

They Are Moisture Resistant

One of the notable properties of cellular glass insulation is its resistance to moisture absorption. The structure prevents water from seeping in through the material, which helps maintain its insulating abilities over time.

They Are Resistant to Corrosion

 Cellular glass insulation is non-metallic, so it won't corrode, making it ideal for use in industries where pipes can rust over time. This type of insulation is also resistant to a wide range of chemicals and acids. It is commonly used in industries where pipes carry corrosive fluids.

They Are Strong

Cellular glass insulation is structurally strong and has good compression resistance. This makes it suitable for applications where the insulation might be subject to mechanical pressure or load.

They Are Fire Resistant

Cellular glass pipe insulation is non-combustible and has high fire resistance properties. It won't contribute to the spread of flames and can help contain fires.

Now that you know a bit more about cellular glass insulation, you'll better-understand why they can be a good choice for so many applications in a large number of industries. The fact that the cellular glass pipes are so versatile means you may find yourself using the same types of pipes for two different types of applications in two vastly different industries. 

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