Six Things To Do Before You Sell Used Wooden Pallets

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Six Things To Do Before You Sell Used Wooden Pallets

Six Things To Do Before You Sell Used Wooden Pallets

25 March 2022
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If you have used wooden pallets that you need to get rid of, you should consider selling them before you simply throw them away. Used pallets in decent condition can be useful to many types of companies and organizations, so you may be able to get some money for them.

The following are six things to do before you sell used wooden pallets

Take an inventory of your used wooden pallets

Making an inventory of how many pallets you have available to sell makes it easier to negotiate efficiently with buyers. Consider how many pallets you may need for your own facilities in the near future and how many you have to get rid of. 

Inspect your pallets

It's essential that you inspect your pallets to ensure quality and safety. If there is some damage to your pallets, you can fortunately easily repair some pallets by fixing any loose components with scrap wood or additional hardware. 

Inspecting your pallets for quality before selling them can help you to acquire repeat customers who will buy wooden pallets from you again in the future when you have more available. 

Get an idea of how much used pallets usually sell for

The amount you can get when you sell used wood pallets is partially determined by the area that you live in. The more prospective buyers there are in your area, the more you'll likely get. As a general rule, you should expect to get somewhere between $0.50 and $4 per pallet that you sell. 

You should research the market in your particular area to determine what an acceptable offer should be for the pallets that you have to sell. 

Consider shipping or delivery details

Wooden pallets are heavy and bulky. This can make them costly to ship or deliver. You therefore need to consider whether you'll be offering delivery with your sale of wooden pallets. If so, you need to consider how much you'll charge additionally for delivery. 

Brainstorm companies or organizations in your area that might have a use for used wooden pallets

You may be able to get more for the wooden pallets you're selling if you contact companies that will be interested in purchasing them directly. You therefore should put some thought into which companies and organizations near you are likely to have a need for wooden pallets. 

Shop around for prospective buyers

You should get offers from numerous buyers to see how much you can get for your pallets. Contact companies that may be interested in purchasing your pallets and advertise to find potential buyers.

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