Access Mat 101: Why You Need Them For Your Construction Project

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Access Mat 101: Why You Need Them For Your Construction Project

Access Mat 101: Why You Need Them For Your Construction Project

29 October 2021
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Building a new home or constructing an addition on your property is an exciting adventure. It's also one that comes with a lot of heavy equipment in and out of your yard. If you're in the planning stages for a construction project like this, you should talk with your builder about the possibility of sourcing some access mats for the job. Here's a look at some of the reasons why you should have access mats for your construction project.

Reduces Lawn Damage

All of the heavy equipment used in construction can be destructive to your lawn. The weight of the equipment and the tread on each one will tear the grass up, leaving you with a mess that you have to address when the building project is done.

Access mats can be used to cover the entire path from your driveway to the build area so that the grass in your yard is protected. This will allow you to get the work done without the devastation to an established lawn.

Provides Equipment Stability

When you're dealing with large equipment like this, any kind of soft soil or uneven grass can pose stability risks and may create traction issues. Muddy sections of the yard can be slippery as well. When you opt for access mats in the yard while you're building, it will contribute some improved traction and stability for the equipment where the operators won't have to worry about unstable ground or uneven paths.

Minimizes Environmental Contamination

When you're running large construction equipment in your yard, one of the hazards that you'll face is oil, gas, and coolant runoff from the vehicles soaking into the ground and potentially contaminating the water table. This is especially important to consider if the property relies on well water. This kind of environmental contamination can be highly problematic, particularly for properties with water sources on the property.

Access mats create a barrier between the equipment and the soil. This protects the soil from contamination and provides a surface that will absorb those contaminants.

When it comes to protecting your property, the construction trucks, and the environment, you'll want to talk with your construction contractors about access mats. Using access mats throughout your construction project will help to create a barrier between the trucks and the ground, as well as provide stability for the equipment. Find the access mats that are right for your project by working with your construction contractor.

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