4 Ways To Encourage More Candy Sales In Your Convenience Store

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4 Ways To Encourage More Candy Sales In Your Convenience Store

4 Ways To Encourage More Candy Sales In Your Convenience Store

8 August 2019
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You might sell a lot of different items in your convenience store, including candy and other snacks. If you're hoping to start selling even more candy, there are a few simple adjustments that you can make. In no time, you might find yourself surprised by the number of customers who are purchasing candy from your store on a regular basis.

1. Offer a Great Selection

When choosing candy for your store, make sure that you offer a nice selection so that you can appeal to as many customers and their tastes as possible. Offer a mix of chocolate and non-chocolate candy, and find out about some of the newest flavors so that you can offer new items that your customers might not see everywhere else. By always adding to your inventory and choosing new and different types of candy, you can keep your customers interested and potentially make more sales.

2. Set Up Nice-Looking Displays

The displays that you set up for your candy can make a big difference, too. There are nice candy boxes and colorful cardboard displays that are perfect for displaying different types of candy, so try making use of some of these displays. Not only can nice candy displays help you encourage customers to want to purchase your candy items, but they can add some nice visual appeal to the inside of your store, too.

3. Make Sure Displays are Set Up in the Right Places

Of course, your nice candy displays aren't going to do much good if people don't really see them. Therefore, you should think about the best places to set them up in your store. You might have a traditional candy aisle, but you may want to set up displays in other areas throughout the store. Putting a display by the cash register can help you promote your products to customers who are looking for a quick, last-minute snack, and setting up candy displays near where your drinks and coffees are displayed can help you encourage your customers to grab something sweet while they're looking for something to drink.

4. Charge Reasonable Prices

If your candy is overpriced, then your customers might not be as happy about finding their favorite candy bar. Although you will obviously need to price your candy at a high enough price that you can make a profit, you should also look for affordable suppliers so that you can charge reasonable prices. You may even want to offer promos on candy from time to time to generate more interest.

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