Why Consider Lasers For Fabricated Pieces?

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Why Consider Lasers For Fabricated Pieces?

Why Consider Lasers For Fabricated Pieces?

1 September 2017
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Once you decide to create metal pieces for your business, there are decisions which must be made in order to get the pieces you want. Laser cutting can often be a great way to get your pieces made; you may hesitate to use this method because it can sometimes cost more than the alternatives, but the following reasons can make it a great choice for your business:


Because laser cutting only requires that you load your design into the shop's 3D software, you can get quicker results. The machine only has to respond to the programmed design in order to create the pieces you need, so your order can be processed more quickly than if you choose other methods. This can be great for you because big orders won't take as they could with other fabricating methods. If you're dealing with a time crunch, knowing that your pieces won't take long can alleviate a lot of stress.

Numerous Samples

Because of the speed that laser cutting can offer, your company can use that to its advantage when you're not completely sure which pieces you want. If you need to have multiple samples made in order to test them out or make further decisions, laser cutting can permit you to do this without worrying that it will take a long time. Different designs are easily uploaded so the laser acts accordingly; fabrication staff members don't need to spend time manipulating machines or choosing the proper tools before starting each sample.

Easier Changes

Sometimes the pieces you initially commission aren't right for your project. Other aspects of the projects may change, or you may realize that you need a different size or clearance than you first assumed, With traditional cutting methods, these changes can take some time to implement. With laser cutting, all that needs to happen is that the laser must be stopped and a new upload has to take place.

Smoother Edges

Another benefit of this technique is that the laser cuts smoothly. You are likely to end up with pieces that already appear finished; you may be able to avoid waiting for and paying for additional finishing work

When you don't know much about laser cutting, you might not have the information you need to make smart decisions. The information here can help. Discuss this method with a fabrication shop like J&E Metal Fabricators Inc to better understand if laser cutting is the smartest option for you

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