Safely Fabricating Parts For Your Car From Sheet Metal

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Safely Fabricating Parts For Your Car From Sheet Metal

Safely Fabricating Parts For Your Car From Sheet Metal

2 July 2017
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When restoring an old vehicle, it's inevitable that you will need to create a bracket or other small part at some point during the restoration process. These small parts are easily created from sheet metal, but the process of fabricating small parts can be dangerous if you don't take some simple safety precautions.

Here are three tips that you can use to ensure your safety when fabricating parts for your car from sheet metal in the future.

1. Make sure you have the right protective clothing.

In order to keep yourself safe during the fabrication process, you should have access to some basic protective clothing. Protective glasses are a must to keep flying slivers of metal from entering your eyes.

You should also wear a pair of sturdy work gloves designed specifically for metal applications to prevent the sharp edges of the metal from cutting your hands during the sheet metal fabrication process. A good pair of overalls can keep your clothing from becoming damaged and help prevent cuts or metal slivers as you work with sheet metal.

2. Make sure your tools are in good condition.

Fabricating small parts out of sheet metal can be a delicate process. To ensure that your safety is preserved throughout the fabrication process, always take the time to inspect your tools for signs of damage before you begin fabricating.

Check your grinder for smooth rotation and look for signs of rusting on shears and vise grips. Quality tools will allow you to safely manipulate the sheet metal to create the small part you need to complete your car restoration project.

3. Make sure you know your limits.

When working with sheet metal, it's important to know your limits. Attempting to complete a fabrication task that you are not qualified for could result in serious injury.

If you don't have the welding, grinding, or shearing experience required to make your small part, consider hiring a professional to complete the fabrication process for you. A professional metal fabricator will easily be able to convert sheet metal into the part you need for your classic car restoration.

Working on a classic car can be exciting, but it can be frustrating when replacement parts don't exist. Fabricating small parts from sheet metal can be a simple and effective way to complete your project. Be sure that you are staying safe throughout the fabrication process by wearing protective clothing, using tools that are in good condition, and outsourcing projects that exceed your skill level.

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