Three Types Of Barcode Printers To Consider For Your Small Business

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Three Types Of Barcode Printers To Consider For Your Small Business

Three Types Of Barcode Printers To Consider For Your Small Business

27 May 2017
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Thermal barcode printers offer advantages due to the technology used in printing, and they offer finer detail than other methods of printing. This is why they are popular for use with bar code printing. However, for a small business, there are a range of barcode printers available with different applications. Some of these applications may give your business greater productivity and lead to an increase in profitability. The following are a few of the applications for this type of printer.

Desktop barcode printers

These types of printers offer great advantages for a business that ships a lot of products such as one engaged in eCommerce. The printing of this type of printer allows for the details needed for shipping labels with bar codes used to track packages. Using labels that are compatible for your printer, you simply peel off the label as you would any type of sticker, and apply it to your package or envelope. Label making using a barcode printer saves you time, but it also produces a legible address and a quality bar code that will allow the shipping company to scan the package from acceptance to delivery. Although a barcode printer will not replace your inkjet or laser printer, it will improve the quality of your shipping.

Mobile barcode printers

This type of printer can serve a small business owner in different ways. If you have a service business where you go to your customer's premises, you will want to issue receipts for payment, especially if you get a lot of cash jobs. A mobile barcode printer can function as a receipt printer. All you need is a WiFi connection or an interface to your smart phone, and you can print out receipts for your customer. Other applications for these portable printers include selling products from booths at conventions, swap meets and fairs.

Specialized printers

There are barcode printers that are designed for specific applications. One example is thermal printers for wristbands. These custom wristbands can be printed out and used to determine those who are paid customers when a standard receipt is impractical. Another specialized machine is one that generates printed tickets. These can be useful for special events or in a customer service department.

Thermal barcode printers continue to be improved with new designs and functions being introduced to the market for businesses of all types. A thermal barcode printer offers advantages over other printers, and in some cases, like portable printers, they allow a business owner to print outside of the office when necessary.

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